WOAH produces factsheet on avian influenza in cats – with help from the ABCD

Published: 14/08/2023

Q & A Avian influenza in cats

Following the outbreaks of avian influenza in cats in Poland earlier this summer, Tadeusz Frymus and Sándor Belák from ABCD held discussions with the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH), which subsequently prepared a factsheet on avian influenza in cats. The factsheet also contains a list of frequently asked questions, such as:

  • Can cats give influenza to humans?
  • What precautions can be taken to avoid exposure of cats to avian influenza?
  • Is cat flu the same thing as avian influenza in cats?

The factsheet on avian influenza in cats is freely available from the WOAH website. For more details on influenza virus infections in cats, see the ABCD guidelines.

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