Who are we?

The European Advisory Board on Cat Diseases (ABCD) is a self-governing organisation with leading veterinary experts in immunology, vaccinology, diagnostics and/or clinical feline medicine.

The ABCD aims to communicate scientific developments in feline infectious diseases, and to establish a rational base for cat disease prevention and control across Europe. It aspires to define a code of practice that reflects the present state of knowledge.

Meetings are held several times a year, whether online or in person to discuss and issue consensus guidelines on the prevention and management of feline infectious disease in Europe.

The guidelines are based on current scientific knowledge of the diseases, prevention, treatment and diagnostic tools.

The ABCD was set up in 2005 by founding chairman Marian Horzinek and Jean-Christophe Thibault of Boehringer Ingelheim (then Merial). In 2019, the ABCD became a self-governing organisation. It is currently supported by Boehringer Ingelheim, Virbac, MSD and Vetoquinol.

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