Tim Gruffydd-Jones

Board Member

Tim Gruffydd-Jones qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 1972 and spent eighteen months in practice before joining the University of Bristol Veterinary School. In 1999 he was appointed to a chair in Feline Medicine at the University and is head of the Feline Centre.

Most of his career has been devoted to feline medicine. He has had many interests in feline medicine, including infectious disease, gastrointestinal disorders and endocrine disorders. Recent particular interests include shelter medicine and feline epidemiology.

He was awarded his PhD in 1982, is a diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Companion Animals) and is an RCVS registered specialist in feline medicine. He has been Chairman of the FAB and was a founder member of ESFM.

My list of 10 selected publications

  • Unexplained outbreaks of a novel acute haemorrhagic vomiting syndrome in cats; Radford A. D.; Jones P. H.; Gruffydd-Jones Tim;Heistand K.;Reilly C. VETERINARY RECORD  Volume: 169   Issue: 5  1136  2011.
  • Immunohistochemical Characterization of Oral Mucosal Lesions in Cats with Chronic Gingivostomatitis; Harley R.; Gruffydd-Jones T. J.; Day M. J. JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PATHOLOGY  Volume: 144   Issue: 4   Pages: 239-250   2011.
  • Detection of feline haemoplasma species in experimental infections by in-situ hybridisation; Peters I. R.; Helps C. R.; Willi Barbara; Hoffmann-Lehmann R.;Gruffydd-Jones T.J.;Day M.J.;Tasker S. MICROBIAL PATHOGENESIS  Volume: 50   Issue: 2   Pages: 94-99  2011.
  • Investigation of human haemotropic Mycoplasma infections using a novel generic haemoplasma qPCR assay on blood samples and blood smears; Tasker S.; Peters I. R.; Mumford A., D.; Day M.J.;Gruffydd-JonesT.J.;Day S.;Pretorius A.M.;Birtles R.J.;Helps C.R.;Neimark.K. JOURNAL OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY  Volume: 59   Issue: 11   Pages: 1285-1292   2010.
  • Antigen Specificity of the Humoral Immune Response to Mycoplasma haemofelis Infection; Peters I., R.; Helps C. R.; Gruffydd-Jones Timothy J.; Day M.J.;Tasker S. CLINICAL AND VACCINE IMMUNOLOGY  Volume: 17   Issue: 8   Pages: 1238-1243  2010.
  • Measurement of IL-12 (p40, p35), IL-23p19 and IFN-gamma mRNA in duodenal biopsies of cats with IBD and healthy controls using quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (qrtPCR); Waly N. E.; Biourge V.; Peters I. R.; Day M.J.; Stokes C.R.; Bailey M.; Gruffydd-Jones T.J. JOURNAL OF VETERINARY INTERNAL MEDICINE  Volume: 24   Issue: 3   Pages: 725-726 2010.
  • Number and ownership profiles of cats and dogs in the UK; Murray J. K.; Browne W. J.; Roberts M. A.; Whitmarsh A.; Gruffydd-Jones T.J. VETERINARY RECORD  Volume: 166   Issue: 6 Pages: 163-168   2010.
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  • Description of outcomes of experimental infection with feline haemoplasmas: Copy numbers, haematology, Coombs’ testing and blood glucose concentrations; Tasker S.; Peters I. R.; Papasouliotis K.; Cue S.M.; Willi B.; Hoffmann-Lehmann R.; Gruffydd-Jones T.J.; Knowles T.G.; Day M.J.; Helps C.R. VETERINARY MICROBIOLOGY  Volume: 139   Issue: 3-4   Pages: 323-332   2009.