Diane Addie

Board Member

Diane Addie is a graduate of the University of Glasgow Veterinary School (GUVS). After 8 years in small animal practice, she returned to Glasgow to work on feline coronavirus (FCoV) and felineinfectious peritonitis (FIP) for her PhD. In 2003 she received the Amoroso Award for outstanding contributions to small animal studies by a non-clinical member of university staff. She left her position of Senior Lecturer and Head of Diagnostic Virology at GUVS in 2006 and is presently an Honorary Senior Research Fellow.

She hosts a website dedicated to providing veterinary surgeons with information which is difficult to access otherwise: www.catvirus.com and a You Tube channel.

While interested in all infectious disease of the cat, her major research interests are FIP, feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FGS) and kitten mortality.

She dreams of the eradication of FCoV and FIP, to find a cure for FGS, and to see an end of animal suffering within her lifetime.

My list of 10 selected publications

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