SARS-CoV-2 transmission between people and pets

Published: 26/10/2022

If both pets and people from the same households are SARS-CoV-2 positive, it’s likely due to an owner-to-animal transmission. This and other findings were reported in a recent large-scale prevalence study in the Netherlands, co-authored by ABCD’s Herman Egberink.

Vaccination of Immunocompromised cats

Received: 30 March 2022 / Revised: 25 April 2022 / Accepted: 26 April 2022 / Published: 28 April 2022

Vaccinating immunocompromised cats: can you? should you? and if yes, when?

Postmortem findings in kitten cured of FIP

Received: 8 October 2021 / Revised: 28 October 2021 / Accepted: 1 November 2021 / Published: 5 November 2021
Remember the German study on the efficacy of GS-441524 in cats with FIP, co-authored by ABCD’s Katrin Hartmann and Regina Hofmann-Lehmann?

Hans Lutz member of the Academia Europaea

Published: 17/10/2022

Hans Lutz, member of the ABCD and professor emeritus of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics (VetSuisse Zurich), was admitted to the Academia Europaea this year due to his scientific publications.

Global handwashing day

Published: 15/10/2022

Today is global hand washing day! A simple and effective way to keep diseases at bay – and this is particularly true for barrier care in cat shelters.

Monitoring FIP treatment efficacy

Published: 10/10/2022

Several treatments are now being used against FIP. But how do you know if a cat is recovering? Monitoring acute phase proteins might be of interest, according to ABCD’s Diane Addie and colleagues.