Updated: FPV guidelines

Published: 30/05/2022

Updated! The ABCD guideline on feline panleukopenia virus in cats. The guidelines present the latest on the evolution of the virus and updates on treatment.

2022 Young Scientist Award Winner Andrea Spiri

The 2022 ABCD Young Scientist Award, funded by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health goes to Dr Andrea Spiri (33), of the Zurich University Department of Clinical Diagnostics.
Congrats to Andrea Spiri (University of Zurich), this year’s laureate of the ABCD & Boehringer Ingelheim Young Scientist 2022 award!

GUIDELINE for Good vaccination practices

“To vaccinate as many cats as possible, but the individual cat only as often as necessary” is the motto, that has been established worldwide and is, and will remain, the philosophy of ABCD.
Although an annual vaccination schedule was adopted initially in cats, triennial vaccination (i.e.