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Tasker w flagAfter graduation from Bristol Veterinary School, Séverine spent time working for a charity veterinary practice before moving to Edinburgh to complete a FAB (now ICatCare) Residency in Feline Medicine. She then returned to the University of Bristol and completed a PhD in feline haemoplasmosis in 2002. She is currently Professor in Feline Medicine at Bristol where she works for Langford Vets in the Feline Centre and the Molecular Diagnostic Unit, where she is academic lead for the Acarus Laboratories. She is interested in all aspects of feline medicine, especially infectious diseases and haematological disorders and edited the BSAVA Manual of Feline Practice; A Foundation Manual. Séverine is a recent recipient of the BSAVA Woodrow Award for outstanding contributions in small animal veterinary medicine and the Petplan Charitable Trust Research Award for outstanding contributions in the field of veterinary research.


My list of 10 most recent infectious disease publications (November 2015)


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