Margaret Hosie

photo_MHosie_jpgMargaret Hosie graduated as a veterinarian in 1987 from the University of Edinburgh with an intercalated honours degree in Physiological Sciences (Biochemistry and Physiology).

Following the completion of her PhD studies in 1991, her research has focused on the fields of lentiviral pathogenesis and vaccination and she has instigated and maintains collaborative links with several research laboratories in Europe, the USA and Japan.

She is Professor of Comparative Virology in the MRC- University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research. She leads research projects investigating the pathogenesis of FIV infection in the domestic cat as a model immunodeficiency-causing lentivirus and the use of this model in the development and evaluation of effective vaccine strategies.

In 2002 she was awarded Recognised Specialist status in Pathology (Microbiology) by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in recognition of her contributions to the fields of lentiviral pathogenesis and vaccination.

My list of 10 selected publications
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  • Willett, B.J., Kraase, M., Logan, N., McMonagle, E.L., Samman, A., and Hosie, M.J. (2010) Modulation of the virus-receptor interaction by mutations in the V5 loop of feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) following in vivo escape from neutralising antibody. Retrovirology, 7 . p. 38. ISSN 1742-4690.
  • Willett, B.J., McMonagle, E.L. , Logan, N. , Schneider, P., and Hosie, M.J. (2009) Enforced covalent trimerisation of soluble feline CD134 (OX40)-ligand generates a functional antagonist of feline immunodeficiency virus. Molecular immunology, 46 (6). pp. 1020-1030. ISSN 0161-5890McEwan, W.A., McMonagle, E.L. , Logan, N. , Serra, R.C., Kat, P.
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  • Willett, B.J., Flynn, J.N., and Hosie, M.J. (1997) FIV infection of the domestic cat: an animal model for AIDS. Immunology Today, 18 (4). pp. 182-9. ISSN 0167-5699.

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